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It was most gratifying to see how many of you downloaded the free Joseph Campbell 13-part series of interviews as well as the four programs about angels in our lives. They inspired me when first broadcasted and, as my life has changed and my consciousness has expanded, they continue to speak to me in new ways. I pray this is true for you as well.

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I so much appreciate New Dimensions. I have listened to various and wonderful speakers, various and wonderful questions from Justine, a whole range of new ideas, a range of ideas that stimulate me and make me want to learn more. It’s been a joy to be part of the family of New Dimensions and I so appreciate the opportunity to participate.

Judith Prager, Ph.D., CHT and
co-author with Judith Acosta of
The Worst Is Over: Verbal First Aid To Calm,
Relieve Pain, Promote Healing and Save Lives

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