Re-Creating the World with Michael Meade

 Meade shares the Native American story of the Old Woman in the Cave and the ancient Vedic myth of Manu who saves a fish and establishes our interconnection with all life and the natural world. These two myths are re-creation stories as opposed to simply creation myths. He reminds us that we are narrative beings and part of our creativity comes from finding out where in the story we belong. Though fundamentalist religion may tell us a story of the end of the world, Meade says that this is just a limited view. He gives us hope for the future as he encourages each of us to tap into our mythic imagination, because we are in the age of wonder. He challenges each of us to find the thread of our life and weave it into the bigger pattern of humanity saying, “Why not take the side of creation, why not find our own thread even in the midst of uncertainty and pain and learn how to weave and create?”

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