Personal Life Contracts – Being Accountable To Yourself with Joel Fotinos

Joel FotinosContracts are used to lay out expectations and responsibilities of the parties involved. We take them very seriously in business and law. Joel Fotinos believes that we should take our own goals just as seriously and create personal contracts to hold ourselves accountable in our pursuit of excellence. His philosophy is that once we make clear the responsibilities for our part of the contract, we set success in motion. “Energy follows action. We can say what we want all day long, we can yearn, we can hope, we can read, we can understand it intellectually, but until action happens, nothing happens.” Fotinos shares his methods and ideas for committing to a Personal Life Contract, such as finding a group or person to connect with throughout the process. He further explains that there are different components in a contract and we can only control our part. When we do that, life or spirit will do its part. “Our side of the contract is to decide what it is, to get clear and then to make a decision, take action, be consistent and persistent.” He suggests that when we let go of control of the “how” and the “when” the results happen more quickly than we expect.

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