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It’s so important for us as human beings to be seen and to be heard. To be able to take in rather troubling information—troubling experience—and share that with a benevolent witness who will not shame us is a healing process. And that’s my experience with the venerable Justine Willis Toms. I felt safe to be vulnerable in my truth. Is that not what Brené Brown says is the mortar for us to heal that which is broken inside of our own heart? Thank you, Justine.



Regina Louise, author of Permission Granted:
Kick Ass Strategies To Bootstrap
Your Way To Unconditional Self Love


New Dimensions has been broadcasting deep dialogues with wisdom leaders continuously since 1973. Although some of the earlier dialogues are not available yet because they have not been digitized, more than 1500 programs can be downloaded from our website.

If you agree with Regina Louise regarding the quality of these deep dialogues, please support this broadcasting endeavor. New Dimensions has been described as sharing the history of the future because it often broadcasts ideas, information, and inspiration long before they are accepted by mainstream culture. You get to hear it first on New Dimensions.

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Justine Willis Toms,
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