Looking for The Deeper and Greater Unities with Michael Meade

 Meade describes the landscape leading up to the Presidential election of 2020“We are worn down, worn out. Burned out and exhausted—COVID crisis, political crisis, climate crisis… economic crisis, and equal opportunity and justice for all. We are divided and socially distanced We have to look for underlying unities and that requiresmore than anything, imagination — the kind of imagination that suggests that we are all connected somehow — All connected to the soul of the world. And where [we are] secretly connected to the deep self.” Meade, once more, shares with us a cornucopia of myths, including Jason and the Argonauts, as we explore this dangerous and narrow passage we are entering in our collective history. He points out that, even with opposing viewpoints, we are all traveling together in one ship and that mythic imagination will carry us successfully forward during these threshold times.

Program 3718 Description

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