Julian of Norwich: A Mystic with a Vaccine for Our Time with Fr. Matthew Fox, Ph.D.

Fr. Matthew FoxThe Mystic Julian of Norwich lived in the Middle Ages from 1342 to 1415. For the most part, she lived in a small cell that was attached to a church in Norwich, England. She lived in the time when the black plague decimated one half of the European population but she never lost hope in humanity or her joy in Divine Presence. Even though she didn’t leave her small and simple enclosure, she was very much in touch with the comings and goings of the community. Her simple room had a window that faced the street and a busy river beyond. Community members would ask her for advice and spiritual sustenance. She wrote passionately and contemplated what lies deep in the human soul; what might come after the darkness. She was a feminist 700 years before the word was coined in the 20th century. Fox tells us “She talked in depth about God as mother, and even Jesus as mother, and the Holy Spirit, as well, as mother and feminine. She deconstructs patriarchy and is a major figure. I think, in a way, we weren’t ready for her until the year 2021.” This deep dialogue explores the spiritual vaccine she has to offer to us in these challenging times of fear and uncertainty. 

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