Our Healing Is Enmeshed In Our Culture with David Bedrick, JD, DIPL PW

David BedrickBedrick says that when we want to go for deep healing of some personal issue we must realize that there is a larger culture in which our wounds are embedded. Bedrick claims that no illness is solely rooted in the individual, but for the most part, mainstream psychology does not recognize this dynamic. He says, “We don’t honor the depth of who we are, of where we come from, of the land we live on, of the skin colors that we have, of the histories that we have, of the ancestors we have. All those kinds of things are left out. I recommend [that you] ask yourself: am I male, am I white, am I black, am I gay, and what does that have to do with what’s going on for me? If I’m a woman, does that play into what’s happening for me? If I’m a Jewish person, like me, does that play in to what’s happening for me? That social question is really big. It ties us to the web of relationships.”


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