Are the Forces of Greed and Ignorance Too Entrenched?


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Justine Willis TomsAre the forces of greed and ignorance too entrenched? We say a resounding NO! How many times have you said to yourself that nothing will change for the better because the forces of greed and ignorance are just too entrenched? Have you despaired of being able to contribute toward the good because you feel you are too small to make a difference in the face of the enormous challenges we face?

The truth is that for decades many social profit organizations and global activists have been working relentlessly and powerfully under the radar in moving the dial toward a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. This is because of individuals such as you and these efforts are now becoming visible. The steadiness of vision is paying off. The kinds of breakthroughs, transformations, and shifts taking place are the result of decades of work, commitment, intention, and actions, both small and large, of many who have been tirelessly standing on the threshold of change for a better world for all.

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Many blessings,

Justine Toms
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