Cosmic Messengers: Extraterrestrials with Alan Steinfeld

 Are UFOs and their occupants visiting our world? Are we all part of a great cosmic intelligence? There are a variety of viewpoints and experiences of contact with aliens that have been reported by both civilian and military pilots and other military personnel. Scientists, government officials, and ordinary citizens have reported on their experience with alien contact. Could contact with aliens be the greatest challenge to ever confront humanity? Here we explore a larger picture of human life as relating to the cosmos. Steinfeld says, “I think the opportunity that meeting the others, making contact, expands our consciousness. It expands the potential of our humanity. I think that’s what’s so important. We have to open another part of our mind in order to relate to the possibility. Whether you actually meet something or not, it’s the possibility that starts to expand consciousness and more of ourselves come online. That’s the benefit—to welcome more of our humanity. Consciousness is about to take a giant leap, as we’re welcomed into the rest of the universe.”

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