Collaboration: The New Currency For A New Era with Dawna Markova, Ph.D. and Angie McArthur

Dawna Markova 2015

Never have we needed collaboration more than at this time in our cultural evolution. Research has shown that collaboration increases our intelligence, and in these threshold times we need to be functioning on the highest creative level we can possibly reach. Dawna Markova and Angie McArthur share with us the difference between a “mind share economy” and a “market share economy.” In a “mind share economy” the currency is ideas. The more ideas you generate, the more ideas you share with each other, the richer all of you are. In a “market share economy” the more of something you have and the less someone else has, what you have is more valuable. This sets up a culture of competition. It loses the rich and creative environment that is generated by a culture of collaboration. In a “mind share economy” the leader is a host, encouraging diverse people to contribute their ideas and their value. Besides collaboration, Markova and McArthur encourage us to know what our thinking talents are, those unique qualities with which we are born. Then, we must get to know the thinking talents of others in our circle of work, family, and play. McArthur says, “To be able to dignify our differences in thinking is essential. We are homosapien sapiens and if we don’t learn to think with people that think differently it’s dangerous to the entire world.”

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