Awakening, Prospering, and Fulfilling Our Potential with Ellen Grace O’Brian

Ellen Grace O'BrianAs spiritual seekers most of us have asked ourselves such questions as: How can we live skillfully and prosper to fulfill our destiny? How may we be free from self-doubt, worry, or the opinions of others? How do we throw off the shackles of fear that bind us or that cause us to sink down under the weight of despair? What are the laws of abundance and true wealth? Here Yogacharya O’Brian shares in detail the four principles or goals of Yogic philosophy. Briefly she outlines them as: One, to live a life of higher purpose. Not just a purposeful life but a life of higher purpose which has to do with our spiritual nature and learning how to cooperate with the Infinite. Two is wealth, learn how to prosper. Surprising coming out of this ancient philosophical system. Together these two principles guide us to live with higher purpose, thrive and prosper. Three, maybe even more surprising, is pleasure or enjoy life. Be sure that when you live with higher purpose and you’re thriving and prospering you don’t lose your soul along the way and you enjoy your life. The last of those four aims of life is enlightenment.” When describing the third aim as important to our soul she says, “It’s funny isn’t it that we have to give ourselves permission [to be joyful]…It was surprising to me to discover a guideline from thousands of years ago that says as you’re going along your way in life, doing the things that are important for you to do, be sure to include your soul in the equation and one of the ways to do that is follow the joy and pay attention to whether or not you’re in touch with your joy.” In her comforting and gentle way, she shares many stories and describes several metaphors that help us to understand the true nature of spiritual enlightenment.

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