A Favorite Quote from a New Dimensions Guest : Rupert Spira

Flow down and down and down in ever widening rings of being.

Sufi Mystic, Jelaluddin Rumi, Translation: Coleman Barks

“I love this quote because in such economical and beautiful language it really expresses the essence of the direct approach. Instead of our attention flowing outwards or upwards towards an object, a substance, activity, a relationship, a state of mind, which is where most of us go to seek peace and fulfillment, Rumi is saying, no, let your mind sink. Let it flow down. Let it fall backwards into its essence. Flow down, flow backwards, flow inwards. Let your mind relax into its essence. Then this beautiful ending, flow down and down and down in ever widening rings of being. What he’s suggesting is that, as the mind sinks or relaxes, or falls inwards or backwards, it widens. It loses its limitations and at some stage it is revealed as this open, empty, unlimited being with none of the limitations that thought and feeling previously superimposed upon it. In other words, as the mind sinks into its essence, it finds this ever present undisturbable peace at its origin. That is the ultimate goal of our lives: to find peace and fulfillment. Rumi is saying find it in the depths of yourself; Allow your mind to relax inwards into its essence.”





 Rupert Spira nondual teacher and author of
Presence: Volume One and Volume Two