Michael Toms

Michael TomsMichael Toms, co-founder of New Dimensions, passed at 5:45 AM Thursday, January 24th. Michael was 72 years old.

A Tibetan nun Ane Dorje and a Buddhist practitioner Annie Eichenholz (also a hospice worker) came to be with Justine and Michael in the skilled nursing center to do the Buddhist Phowa practice for him. Justine was able to be with Michael’s body for several hours before they arrived silently chanting. He was left undisturbed for at least 4 hours. This is very good according to Buddhist belief. She said she also said some Hail Mary’s to cover all the bases and prayed to Our Lady of Guadalupe who was a guide for Michael as well as Tara, the mother of all the Buddhas. He looked very peaceful .. She said, “My tears flow, but I’m happy for Michael as he ‘breaks on through to the other side,’ which was a favorite Jim Morrison song that he performed on his 60th birthday. Michael was 72 years old.”

Justine said she was with him the night before and gave him a massage and even though he was in a deep sleep she said, “He opened his eyes several times and in other ways acknowledged me. He also called me about four nighs ago and spontaneously expressed deep gratitude to me and love for me. I just calculated that I’ve spend more of my life with Michael than either of my parents. In forty years we developed some deep grooves and they were good ones.”

Michael will be cremated and a memorial service will be held in the future to be announced.

Justine requests that whenever you think of Michael try to remember some sweetness and dedicate that to his successful journey and for the benefit of all beings adding any merits he might have accumulated to the many others who have passed.