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 There are a few listeners who have chosen New Dimensions Foundation as the nonprofit organization that they support in their Amazon Smile charity profile. You may not know that New Dimensions Foundation is listed as one of the organizations that can receive a donation from Amazon. So far, we’ve received close to $500 from Amazon from a portion of any purchase made by those who have chosen New Dimensions Foundation as the charitable organization they support with their purchases. You can use this link to choose New Dimensions as your Amazon Smile choice. Just type in New Dimensions Foundation in the search box.


If you want to change your charity to New Dimensions, click on the down arrow by the charity listed in your log-in to your and select change and type in New Dimensions Foundation in the search box.


On another subject. We are looking to make available the two “live” events that New Dimensions produced in the 1970s. They were titled Three Jewels in the Lotus I and II. We have been able to digitize all of those seminal events except for one presentation by Stewart Emery in Three Jewels II. If anyone has a cassette recording of that presentation please contact me.

Three Jewels in the Lotus I – included Ram Dass, Jack Schwartz, and Patricia Sun
Three Jewels in the Lotus II – included Stewart Emery, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Patricia Sun

These events are filled with timeless wisdom in front of 3000 people at Masonic Auditorium, San Francisco.

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Justine Willis Toms
Co-Founder, Volunteer Executive Director & Host

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Barbara Marx HubbardMy experience of New Dimensions is that it is an essential contribution to the evolution of humanity because it’s exploring what’s emergent, what’s creative, what’s new, what’s attractive and if you put it all together, it gives us a picture of the new world and the new person. I think the work of New Dimensions is a major contribution to the future that we’re facing.. . .When you listen to New Dimension you gain a vision of the future and your part in it.

Barbara Marx Hubbard (1929-2019) author of
Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential (revised edition)


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