Wonder and Awe Triumphs Over Fear and Apathy

POSTED July 24, 2019 IN
wonder and awe

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As a regular listener to New Dimensions you know that we continue to be committed to curiosity, wonder, awe, creativity, and connection over fear, apathy, anger, and separation.

Larry BrilliantIn this past year many program guests have confirmed the fact noted by Larry Brilliant, M.D., Co-founder of SEVA Foundation, former Executive Director of Google.org and author of the memoir Sometimes Brilliant.

“These are troubled times. Where we get our news is really important. That news has got to come with love, and integrity, and honesty, and depth. That’s what New Dimensions is. It is not like other programs, other sources. I’ve had an amazing experience here. Justine Willis Toms made me talk about things, that I’ve talked about a hundred times, differently than I’ve ever talked about them before.”

Larry Brilliant, M.D., author of
Sometimes Brilliant

Justine Willis TomsAs you know, New Dimensions inspires us to be conscious of the shifting tides of human culture as it is happening. Never before in human history have we been able to simultaneously be part of and be witness to such a large shift in consciousness. These deep dialogues provide encouragement for each of us to acknowledge and weave our unique talents and gifts into the tapestry of a better world for all.

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Justine Willis Toms
Co-founder, Creative Producer, Host

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