Will you be loyal like Hachikō?

There is a story that Mark Nepo tells in our latest interview with him, which you’ll be hearing in our May programs. It is one of a Japanese dog named Hachikō that is an illustration of incredible devotion, thoroughness, and wholeheartedness that we often learn from animals.

In the 1930s, each day he would show up at the Shibuya rail station in Tokyo to meet his human companion. One day the professor suffered a brain hemorrhage and died and, of course, did not show up for Hachikō. Nevertheless, this loyal companion showed up at the station every day for 9 more years. He became the communal dog of Tokyo. Everyone around that station would leave food for him and pet him, and finally Hachikō grew old and died there at the station where he continued his long vigil.

A statue of Hachikō was erected on the spot where he waited all those years and the patina is worn from where they pet Hachikō.

This story is a tribute to the great love, affection, and loyalty of this special dog.


I share this story with you because it illustrates how animals remind us that a full life is truly ours by holding nothing back. I must admit I cried when I read this story. It truly touched my heart as, I have no doubt, it will touch yours as well.

As a listener you know that the depth and breadth of these deep dialogues take ideas beyond the theoretical to the practical, making a true difference in the world. Will you be loyal like Hachikō and make a difference by supporting New Dimensions with a financial donation ?

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Justine Willis Toms
Co-founder, Creative Producer, Host