Why It Matters to Reclaim Our Connection To Living Systems

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In these perilous and most challenging times we are bombarded with public conversations about where we should be focusing our attention. Because it is coming at us from all sides, it’s more important than ever to take a moment and listen to our wise elders. Physicist Fritjof Capra is a whole systems thinker, who talks of the interconnectedness of all life. The late Physicist F. David Peat poses this most important question: How can you be sure that the good works you do actually have the positive outcome you hope for? John Seed conducts deep ecology workshops throughout the world and in 1995 he was awarded the Order of Australia Medal by the Australian Government for services to conservation and the environment. He is compelling and entertaining in his presentation to help us remember that environment is not something separate from us. Another advocate of the preservation of wilderness, Brooke Williams explores wildness not for answers but for ideas, possibilities, and inspiration across the great divide in which we find ourselves as Americans. Please give yourself the gift of downloading wisdom with these four Programs selected from our deep archive of timeless wisdom.

David Peat

Quantum Change
with F. David Peat, Ph.D.

Program 3298
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Sometimes acting with the very best intentions can lead to disaster. How can you be sure that the good works you do actually have the positive outcome you hope for? F. David Peat (1938-2017) applied the principles of quantum physics to explain why some efforts to implement social change have failed miserably, while others have succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations.  Read more »

A Deep Ecology Of The Heart
with John Seed

Program 3154
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As a founding father of the Deep Ecology movement, Seed has noticed that “we speak of ‘the environment,’ which makes it sound as though this is something that’s far away from us.” In poetry, song, and conversation he creates a space for us to explore our feelings about the devastation of our planet and our sacred, primordial connection with her living systems. Read more »

Living Systems
with Fritjof Capra, Ph.D.

Program 2685
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The idea that success in the 21st century will depend on access to information is hype; it’s nonsense.  There is enough information–we have an information overload.  Success and survival in the 21st century will depend on ecological awareness and on new ideas of how to change our technology and ways of doing business.  Our children need to learn values, ideas, knowledge and wisdom–not just how to use computers to access more and more information. Read more »

Become a Pilgrim and Explore Inner and Outer Wilderness
with Brooke Williams

Program 3750
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Committed advocate of the preservation of wilderness and an explorer of both the outer and inner wilderness, Brooke Williams is constantly looking to understand and experience the value of wild places and what that means for modern humans. Here we explore wildness for ideas, possibilities, and inspiration across the great divide in which we find ourselves as Americans. Read more »

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