Why Dialogue Matters, from Fritjof Capra

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Image Source: Dreamstime |  © Junkeyan

Image Source: Dreamstime | © Junkeyan

Fritjof Capra“In my experience, one of the most important ways to gain new knowledge, to have new ideas and to share new ideas, as well as to explore new fields and nurture creativity, is dialogue. I have used dialogue with scientists, philosophers and business people. The form of dialogue has become my main mode of working and of gaining knowledge. I do read a lot of books also, but I will read books especially when they follow a dialogue or when they are supported by a dialogue. Dialogue is an exchange of ideas that involves attentive listening, a spirit of trust, a spirit of cooperation, a readiness, an openness to new ideas, and all of that needs time. In most interviews, you really don’t have that time, but this program, New Dimensions, makes the time.  This is why I admire New Dimensions so much, because for years, for decades, you have carved out the space–the physical space, the space in time, the emotional space, the conceptual space, the interpersonal space–in which true dialogue can take place. And this is why I admire this program and am very happy to return to it again and again to have genuine dialogue with you.”

Fritjof Capra is a physicist by training. He’s a founding director of the Center for Ecoliteracy in Berkeley, California. His recent book is Learning From Leonardo: Decoding the Notebooks of a Genius.

Capra conveys why the ability of New Dimensions to convey timeless wisdom for these times makes it stand out from many other interview sources available to us today. Even when a New Dimensions program speaks from a previous decade, it provides meaningful dialogue that is indispensable for these threshold times.

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