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I’m a big fan of New Dimensions program series because its thousands of recordings represent some of the best ideas, the deepest felt feelings, and important messages from all walks of life. In a world that is being shaped with so many troubles and so many ways to get in trouble, these messages that are nourishment for the soul and are true to the heart and are more important than ever.

Michael Meade is a renowned storyteller,
author, and scholar of mythology.
His books include: Why the World Doesn’t End:
Tales of Renewal in Times of Loss


Here we are once more at the precipice of the recurring event of a presidential election. As we all know this one is fraught with tensions throughout our precious land. The polarities are ever more visible and whatever the outcome, there will be great elations and deep disappointments.

To help us ease the pain of however it turns out for you, I’ve made arrangements to be with Mythologist Michael Meade. He’ll be talking about “dire straits” and the myth of Jason and the Argonauts. I’m very much looking forward to this interview as we explore the wisdom that mythology holds in helping us come through dangerous narrows. You’ll be hearing the interview in January.

As you know we are constantly striving to bring relevance, inspiration, and healing as we bring these deep dialogues to the airwaves in order to lift the soul and heart, expand the conversation, and widen the landscape of loving kindness.

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 In joy and appreciation,

Justine Willis Toms 
Cofounder, Executive Director, Host


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