We Need an Upgrade in Consciousness

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“Never before on the planet has our future been so uncertain. Humanity is actually living in a state of consciousness that is desperately requiring an upgrade. So the most important conversation we could possibly be involved in together today is how can we evolve from what we’ve accepted as normal to what our hearts know is our potential… There’s so much knowledge and wisdom available but it requires a very special talent to be able to bring the knowledge out.

Justine Willis Toms is one such person. When she interviewed me she came with pages and pages of notes. She’d actually read my book cover to cover and studied it carefully. It is almost unheard of today that interviewers take that kind of time. It meant she could ask intelligent questions and bring forth, in an hour, the very essence of what I’d created. There are very few people like Justine working in this field today and she deserves all the support and kudos we can give her.”



Arjuna Ardagh, author of The Translucent Revolution
and Better Than Sex: The Ecstatic Art of Awakening Coaching


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Justine Willis Toms
Cofounder, Executive Director and Host


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