Up Until Now

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“Up until now” is one of my most favorite phrases. Mary Morrissey reminds us that our destiny isn’t determined by our history.

Mary Manin MorrisseyShe tells us that it is our intentions that can be a most dynamic guide. Intention is the first creation. As Morrissey says, “We create in mind a thought-form of what we’d like to be experiencing. Without that thought-form, all the creative energy in the universe can’t form itself into a form that isn’t made. We are obliged, then, to create the ‘first creation,’ and that’s the one in mind . . . How you feel about the realities of your life and what you do about them is completely unlimited by the power within you. Your future isn’t determined by your facts, just as your destiny isn’t determined by your history.”

These thoughts remind me of the inner work that must be my constant companion along the path. In these challenging and pivotal times I’m having to remind myself that “up until now” this may be the way things have been, but I have the ability to change the trajectory of my path right now, in this moment. I can open myself up to another bigger vision of what is possible.

Justine Willis TomsI do this by having deep dialogues with other seekers of deep wisdom, and there happen to be microphones present for these dives into timeless conversations so that you too are included in this inquiry.

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