The Universe Is Alive, Intelligent, And Evolving with Jude Currivan, Ph.D.

Jude CurrivanBeginning with her experience of psychic phenomena from early childhood, Currivan was led on a quest of a life-long exploration of the nature of reality. Her research has come to show that information is as real as anything we call physical reality. Here we explore the reality of informational physics and why this matters in our daily lives. “What we call physical reality is incredibly ephemeral. The only reason we don’t go through the floor we’re standing or sitting on is the spin of subatomic excitations work in such a way that they snag with each other, so they don’t pass through each other. They relate in such a way that gives the appearance of separation. The other side of it – what we call physical entities – are incredibly ephemeral.” She describes the universe as a living intelligent entity and paradoxically unified and diversified. She further postulates that “disease” of our collective perception has driven our dysfunctional behaviors to such an extent as to bring us to this point of potential breakdown. She has advice to help us move forward to meet our greater potential.



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