Two Faces of Fear: Constructive/Destructive with Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D.

Carla Marie ManlyWe’re all familiar with the aspect of fear that strangles us, holds us back, and keeps us living lives filled with stress, unhappiness, and emptiness. This kind of fear creates chronic anxiety, depression, and disconnection. However, Manly shares a hidden aspect of this same fear that affords us the opportunity to live a life with fear as an ally rather than a foe. In her research and work as a psychotherapist she has discovered a way out of destructive fear and how we can turn it into transformational healing. She tells us, “The aspects of fear that we ignore or run from are often the very aspects that contain the subtle messages we need the most.” She helps us understand that destructive fear is loud, cantankerous, and moody. Whereas constructive fear is more difficult to notice because it is not so loud and we need to train ourselves to hear it. 

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