Together We Are Weaving A Web For A Sustainable Culture

We know our listeners are actively weaving a great web for a sustainable culture. As a listener to these deep dialogues, you are aware that, together, we are co-creating a network that fashions a world that works for all.

Meditation teacher Dean Sluyter has said:

Dean Sluyter


“Sitting in the New Dimensions studio is an incredibly impressive experience – to be surrounded by the archives of the programs, Buckminster Fuller, David Bohm, the Dalai Lama, Joseph Campbell and to be sitting across the table from someone who has interviewed all those people, who represents that kind of wealth of experience and insight, who has been a participant in what could be viewed as one great rich on-going conversation about what the heck is this human life of ours all about. This is an incredibly valuable thing and for that to exist in the world and to be made available throughout the world is fortunate for all of us. I think we all should do everything we can to make sure it keeps happening.”

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