The Survival of Human Consciousness with Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D.

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Jeffrey Mishlove is a pioneer in the credible research exploring parapsychology and its implication for understanding the survival of consciousness after physical death. He was diverted in his education from his original field of criminology by a profound dream at which point he switched his field of research to parapsychology. That was in the early 1970s before this was even on the radar of most academicians. Here we explore afterlife investigations such as near death experiences, after death communication, reincarnation, instrumental transcommunication, mediumship, and much more. Mishlove says, “When we talk about survival after death we’re about [whether or not] consciousness is separate from the brain… [T]o the extent that science deliberately ignores this, we are unfortunately, and sadly, and very deliberately, ignoring a very important piece of self-awareness, and, to my way of thinking, if the human race is going to evolve to become what you might think of as a species capable of traveling through the stars, we have to understand hyperspace, that’s how we travel great distances. If we’re going to understand hyperspace, we have to understand consciousness and that means understanding the afterlife. It’s all of a piece.” 

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