The Sacred Purpose of America with Glenn Aparicio Parry, Ph.D.

Glenn Aparicio ParryParry tells us how the Acoma Pueblo pottery makers use traditional methods by bringing shards of old pots from the past into the present in making new pots. This joins the past and the present in an original creation of timeless beauty. In this deep dialogue we explore original politics and the joining of ancient wisdom repurposed for today to create a new wholeness. We explore some of the rich and sometimes unknown American history and the Native American influence on the founding of the United States. He writes, “It cannot be overstated how radical the American experiment was. It was a complete break from any Western government of its day and while in some respects it hearkened back to ancient Greek democracies it was uniquely American due to the influence of Native America.” Here we take a deep dive on how putting our country back together in full integrity requires us to remember and respect the living roots of our nation’s founding. His philosophy goes along with the Indian sage Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950) who when asked, “How should we treat others?” Replied, “There are no others.” Parry says, “Ultimately, that is the reason why I’m even interested in politics. It is a means of understanding how human beings interact so that we can get to love, so that we can get to more kindness and compassion, and respect for Mother Earth.

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