The Restorative Powers of Connecting with the Earth with Laura Koniver, M.D.

 In these post-modern times, more and more we live indoors and this lifestyle has isolated us from the earth. This trend, along with the current pandemic with the advice to “shelter in place,” has encouraged hanging out inside our homes. We’re addicted to looking at our computer screens, smart phones, and TVs and when we do go outside, we are further shielded from direct contact with the earth by rubber sole shoes and rubber tires to name a few buffers that disconnect us from the pulsing field of energy that the Earth produces. Our guest today tells us that the earth is our docking station. It is a port we can plug into to receive support for our health and well-being from head to toe, inside and out. Dr. Laura Koniver suggests that standing outside on the ground is the most enjoyable healing modality she knows of. There is a great healing waiting for you through the practice of touching the earth directly. Koniver calls it an Earth Prescription. She says there is “No pain, no struggle, no costs, no side effects, no specialist appointment required. It can be as passive or active as you would like it to be.” What Koniver offers is a formula for living that is as vital as food and water for our body and soul. 

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