The Power Of Trees and Chanting To Heal with Shannon Sullivan

 Sullivan shares with us the deep practice of healing our ancestral roots by using the analogy of trees. We use the imagery of trees in so many ways such as mapping out our ancestral tree. She shares how trees can be a mirror of our own bodies pointing out that we have much to learn from them as they guide us in understanding ourselves as well as our ancestral roots. She tells us that when a certain tree calls to us we can befriend it and allow its branches, leaves, trunk, and roots to teach us. Sullivan also speaks about the power of communal chanting. Gathering with others to chant provides powerful healing energy as it taps into the morphogenetic field of millions of people who have chanted for thousands of years. She says, “These songs create a bridge between the past, those who sung it, into the present, you who are singing it.” She reminds us that chanting with others moves us deeply on a soul level and connects us to Spirit and Mystery.

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