The Path to Making a Difference

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David Isaacs co-author, with his partner Juanita Brown, of The World Café: Shaping Our Futures Through Conversations That Matter, has said, “In a world that is deeply challenging, I believe New Dimensions is a very important force in presenting programming that relates stories that share hope, possibility, contribution, and service in the world. The stories of despair, suffering, and destruction are myriad so, more than ever, we need the kinds of discourse heard on New Dimensions that rightly gives people a sense that ‘I can do something. I can participate, I can engage in activities in my own home, my own community to make a difference in this world.’“

As a valued listener, you know that New Dimensions is an antidote to the temptation to wallow in despair, as we strive to filter out the partial truths that corporate media is consistently and relentlessly pumping out. With fierce determination, New Dimensions beams out seeds of resistance to the foreclosure of the pleasure of living. We must not stand around moping and paralyzed with fear. We know there is another path and the weekly New Dimensions broadcasts are pointing a way to that path.

Please stand with us by making a financial contribution to ensure that New Dimensions continues to bring these life-enhancing dialogues to the air. If 300 listeners committed to give $30 a month, New Dimensions would be able to meet its monthly expenses. Your commitment to an automatic monthly donation of whatever amount, no matter how small (or large), is greatly appreciated. If a monthly donation is not possible, whatever amount you can contribute is welcomed.

 With profound gratitude and blessings,

Justine Willis Toms,
Cofounder, Creative Producer, Host
New Dimensions Radio

One way to contribute is to become a monthly donor. We are so very appreciative of those who donate $10, $25, $50, or $100 a month. This helps to sustain this work. –or– make a single donation here. We are pleased to be able to send you a thank you gift for your donation of $45 or more.


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