The COVID-19 virus and its resulting in ‘shelter-in-place’ and closing of businesses has created a great demand for online ‘what to do while homebound’. One would think this would increase both the downloads of the many programs on the New Dimensions website as well as donations.

However, since the onset of this pandemic, donations to New Dimensions have fallen through the floor. Government programs to keep New Dimensions’ teammates employed are receiving a flood of applications. I am endeavoring to apply for a PPP loan (payroll protection program through the Small Business Administration). But, as you are no doubt aware, the competition for those programs is fierce and funding has quickly disappeared almost as soon as it is made available.

For over 40 years I’ve been dedicated to bringing my fullness to these conversations as I sit down with wisdom leaders about things that matter to me personally and to the community at large. I do this because I’m so deeply served by their brilliance and I’m grateful for the privilege to share these deep dialogues with you. I pray you share my conviction about the worthiness of these conversations.


Mark NepoI’ve been blessed to be interviewed by Justine Willis Toms and be a part of New  Dimensions many times and I feel it’s very important to support work like this, specially New Dimensions, because it is like the life blood of the collective soul.We need to support, refresh, and give nutrients (in the form of financial contribution) to the communal  spirit of New Dimensions.     


Mark Nepo, Philosopher, poet, author of
The Book of Soul: 52 Paths to Living What Matters


I know New Dimensions will be able to meet its payroll through May, but I’m concerned about June. So, I ask you, dear loyal listener, will you help? Can you make a financial contribution towards the on-going broadcasting endeavors of New Dimensions? The need has never been greater.

 Thank you in advance for your tremendous support,



Justine Willis Toms
Co-founder, Creative Producer, Host