Tapping Into The Powerful Resource of Effective Prayer With Guy Finley

Guy FinleyAs children we often used prayer to ask for something from an invisible and mysterious divine power. And, even as adults, we may still send our petitions to God or whomever we call on as the source of creative powers. This deep dialogue explores the best use of prayer and how prayer can be more effective, serving us in ways beyond making wishes to the Divine. Esteemed spiritual teacher, Guy Finley, says, “Prayer can help us discover that which is already living in us and is everything that we ever wanted, hoped, or actually imagined was possible.” Finley offers advice on tapping into this powerful resource, reminding us that “By the grace of God, I’m a message catcher. I have this unbelievable, beautiful, blessed life where the more I am willing to live with the question and not answer it from the intellect or from past experience, the more I am gifted with a revelation of a realization that is already part of my consciousness but that I don’t know it is yet.” Also included are thoughts on the 5-prayers for self-transformation. 

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