Tap Into Your Inner Knowing Through The Body with John J. Prendergast, Ph.D.

John J. PrendergastMany spiritual practices guide us in what is known as “waking up.” Even though this process gives us a great sense of freedom and spaciousness, John J. Prendergast suggests that the path to “waking up” is by “waking down.” As we tune into our bodies, we receive messages where our life is incongruent and “out of sorts.” He encourages us to rest our “kind attention” in the heart while breathing naturally and easily. This often brings forth a useful image and will help us to live with more authenticity. Rather than trying to leap over our dark thoughts, he suggests that they can be pointers and allies in the process of living our lives with fullness. He says, “When we discover that fullness, when we’re at home in our self, is when we can be the most service to others and live wisely.”

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