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Overloaded with information and data? Take a mental break and get inspired with New Dimensions Radio. It changes lives for the better.

Dean SluyterDean Sluyter, author of Natural Meditation, affirms, “It was such a pleasure to come back to New Dimensions ten years after my last appearance here and to sit down with Justine as I had sat down with Michael in the past. The interviews that unfold come from a place of deep insight, warmth, knowledge, and love. And that creates a space where an exchange can happen on a level that changes people’s lives.”



Justine Willis Toms

It is the deepest desire of the New Dimensions team to continue to inspire and give listeners access to profound dialogues with extraordinary individuals – as if we, together, are having a personal discussion in our own living room as we continue to envision a new dream for ourselves and the planet.

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Justine Willis Toms,
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