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New Dimensions Radio is, perhaps more than anything else, a community of individuals who share a vision, a common commitment to cultivation of our inner lives, and to be vital, active participants in making the world a better place for all livingness.

Fr. Matthew FoxFr. Matthew Fox says, “It’s been my privilege to be in New Dimensions Radio over decades and I think now more than ever this kind of programming is so essential because there’s so much rancor in the media at this time. We need thoughtful and probing and uplifting but grounded conversations and I don’t know anyone who does this better than New Dimensions.”

Fr. Matthew Fox is a wisdom elder, theologian,
Episcopal priest, and author of 35 books on spirituality
and culture, including: Original Blessing.
He is also co-author of Order of the Sacred Earth:
An Intergenerational Vision of Love and Action

Justine Willis TomsWhen you support New Dimensions with a financial donation you’re also giving support to all those hundreds of individuals, groups, ideas and topics that are presented on New Dimensions Radio. It is like a community chest for more conscious living. Everybody wins.

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