Stretching Time with Focused Perception with Lisa Broderick

 How often have you exclaimed, “There isn’t enough time.” Albert Einstein once wrote: “People like us who believe in physics know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Lisa Broderick says Once you understand the science of time, you understand that our experience of time is one part physical and one part perception.” She goes on to give us many insights as to how we can be liberated from the illusion that time is strictly linear and is our enemy. This deep dialogue explores how time is less limited than we think and can be stretched and bent. Broderick describes the difference between selective attention and focused perception, “Selective attention is our ability to tune out that which is not important to us. Focused perception is our ability to focus on, to the exclusion of all other things, one thing. Complete opposites. And focused perception is what we use to change and control our experience of time.” 

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