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One of New Dimensions most avid fans and collector of MP3 downloads has recently asked for permission to send a link of an episode that she thought a friend of hers would like.

Here is what she said, “My friend is a fine artist with a large following on Facebook. She just started pursuing photography. I would like to share the link to the show I purchased today about photography. I want to share it on her facebook page as a way of promoting ND. I think she might like to hear it and I can talk about how much the show means to me and what a bargain the shows are at 2 bucks apiece.”

Of course I gave Kelly permission and I encourage you to follow her example. Please do post any episode of New Dimensions that has moved and inspired you on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, or other social media. This will help to spread the word of this library of deep dialogues that provides food for the soul.

As one listener so well describes New Dimensions.

New Dimensions provides a true radio refuge from the noise and negativity of mainstream broadcasting. Over the years, this lovingly-crafted series has presented to its appreciative listeners voices of reason, compassion, and humanity never veering from a commitment to inform and educate how one might live more mindfully, and leave this world in a better place. How rare and refreshing to find such reflective radio.

SS, Berkeley, CA

Also, if you too, feel refreshed by the broadcasts, please, please, consider making a donation. New Dimensions has been seeding the public dialogue for over 40 years and we are looking to expand our efforts to reach more and more persons with these inspiring, informative, and life-enhancing dialogues. Be the change you want to see in the world and do something extraordinary by becoming a member/donor toward a world that works for all.

Join the New Dimensions team with a financial contribution now! You’ll be glad you did.




Justine Willis Toms, Co-founder,
Volunteer Executive Director, and Host


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