Spotlight: Wholeness, Creativity and Quantum Reality with David Bohm

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In preparing for the many interviews with new and upcoming guests, we notice that many of them refer to the work of this brilliant physicist, David Bohm.
Over a seven-year period from 1983 to 1990, Michael Toms had the extraordinary experience of sitting down in deep dialogue with this renowned physicist, the late David Bohm, Ph.D. Bohm was a colleague of Oppenheimer and Einstein, and one of the foremost theoretical physicists of his generation. He was also one of the most influential theorists of the emerging paradigm through which the world is increasingly viewed. You may have noticed that this creative physicist is often quoted in many, many recently published books. Here you have the opportunity to hear directly from the source, from this wisdom leader himself. Within these four one-hour programs specially selected from the New Dimensions archives, you’ll find a treasure of insights as you, along with Bohm, explore quantum reality.

Creativity, Natural Philosophy, And ScienceDavid-Bohm
with David Bohm, Ph.D.

Program 2071
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Bohm tells us why science has become specialized and fragmented at the cost of its soul. He describes his theory of “implicate order” and its implications for human consciousness. He observes that thought is based in memory but true creativity depends on getting beyond the thought process. Read more »

David-BohmTowards Wholeness
with David Bohm, Ph.D.

Program 2181
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Renowned physicist, David Bohm, describes scientific theory as the myth that drives our culture, and points out the fallacy of our belief system. He also presents his alternative for addressing the world’s mega-problems through engaging in a new level of “dialogue” among small groups of people. Read more »

David-BohmEssential Reality
with David Bohm, Ph.D.

Program 2182
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Bohm addresses the nature of thought and thinking, and how our conditioned minds become subordinate to the way we think. He says the thinking process “is a representation of what is, but is not what is” and goes on to challenge our perception of time and space as illusory. This conversation ranges from mindless thought to experiencing each moment as eternity. Read more »

David PeatQuantum Theory, Creativity, and Consciousness
with F. David Peat, Ph.D.

Program 2141
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If you want to take a journey to the edge of science and beyond, then listen to physicist David Peat as he speaks of everything from chaos theory to synchronicity. Influenced strongly by David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti, he makes the connection between the worlds of science and spirit. Exploring the question “What is the nature of order?” provides the impetus for Peat to attempt to build a bridge between matter and the mind. His ideas challenge us to new levels of perception beyond the ordinary categories of space and time.  Read more »


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