Spotlight: The Good News: The Universe is Alive and Interconnected

POSTED June 16, 2021 IN

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Biologist Elisabet Sahtouris says “Life gets creative in a time of crisis.” Philosopher and cosmologist Thomas Berry tells us, “If we can’t see the stars at night, it’s not just pollution or toxicity of the planet, it’s a loss of our soul, our imagination, of the experience of what it is to be a human being.” Another cosmologist Brian Swimme suggests that a new story of the universe may come to serve the modern world as primitive myths served in their time, embracing modern scientific knowledge as well as ancient spiritual concepts. And professor of natural philosophy, Paul Davies, stimulates our imagination when he says that “Matter is far more nebulous and mysterious than we thought.” Prepare to be amazed, inspired, and enlivened by these four profound interviews specially selected from the New Dimensions program library.

Elisabet SahtourisCreating The New Dream and The New Future Of The Earth
with Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D.

Program #3417
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Biologist Sahtouris is optimistic about the future and points to biology saying, “Life gets creative in a time of crisis.” She explains how the survival of bacteria, which have been on the planet for over four billion years, has given us a model of how we may evolve into a mature species. She’s co-author, with the late Willis Harman, of Biology RevisionedRead more »

Thomas Berry

Saving Our World, Saving Ourselves
with Thomas Berry, C.P., Ph.D.

Program #2611
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We have discovered that the universe is dynamically alive and interconnected, and the implications are profound. Berry speaks of a vision of a restorative, creative relationship with the natural world. He is a deep believer that recognizing our connection to the natural world is imperative to our healing of our global environmental crisis. Read more »

The Universe Is A Story
with Brian Swimme, Ph.D.

Program #2218
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According to cosmologist Swimme, science, humanity, and the natural world have all suffered from a myopic fragmentation of scientific knowledge. Yet some voices in physics today are beginning to echo the wonder and mystery of ancient mystical intuitions, and to present a more unified view of the nature and history of the world. Join Swimme in this awesome interview. Read more »

Paul Davies

Time, Space, And The Cosmos
with Paul Davies

Program #2521
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What is time? Is time travel possible? What is a black hole like? Here are some clear and fascinating explanations of many idiosyncrasies of science and philosophy on which modern physics has been shedding new light. “There is more to the universe,” says Davies, “than meets the eye…Matter is far more nebulous and mysterious than we thought.” Read more »

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