Spotlight: Improve Your Life: Enrich Your Questioning and Listening Skills

POSTED October 6, 2021 IN

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Listening is a skill that takes effort, attention, patience, and practice. Effective listening can improve our relationships and our jobs, as well as enhance our intelligence. To give voice to our own authenticity requires deep listening and fertile silences. We all have within us a quiet, knowing “truth teller” that will help us get closer to speaking our questions out loud. Each of these programs specially selected from the New Dimensions program archives will expand your landscape as it inspires, excites, and revivifies your ability to listen, and to ask better questions.

Leslie ShoreThe Art And Practice Of Listening Well
with Leslie Shore

Program 3578
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Listening is a skill that we have to learn. It takes effort, attention, patience, and practice. It’s a process that requires us to use different parts of our brain. Effective listening can improve our relationships and our jobs, as well as enhance our intelligence. Leslie Shore explains what it takes and what gets in the way. Read more »

Terry Tempest WilliamsFinding Voice for Authentic Conversation
with Terry Tempest Williams

Program 3437
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In this warm and thoughtful program you’ll be dazzled by the mystery of Terry’s dying mother’s request for her to read her journals, but not until after her death. Terry found 3 shelves of journals only to discover all of them were blank. Puzzle about this mystery along with Terry in this far-reaching dialogue about finding one’s authentic voice. Read more »

Robert FullerAsking Better Questions
with Robert Fuller, Ph.D.

Program 3464
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Whether Fuller is talking about the end of the cold war or the digitarian movement, he’s constantly reminding us to ask better questions. It’s the questions we are formulating that give us a clue into solving our personal and our global problems. Read more »

Listening to the Light of Our Soul
with Mark Nepo

Program 3590
MP3 Download
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The heart releases its own logic, going beyond our everyday attempts to meet goals and solve problems. Mark Nepo helps us re-kindle the fire of our aliveness, and reminds us that kindness allows us to experience our connection with all things. Prepare to be deepened by his ability to be authentic as he illuminates the wisdom that is available in our own hearts. Read more »

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