Spotlight: Honoring Wild Nature

POSTED May 15, 2024 IN

What does “wild nature” really mean? What are ways to improve your personal relationship to nature? How does being in nature feed your spirit? How can your primal instincts be renewed when hearing wild nature? The answers to these and many other questions are explored with these visionary, wisdom leaders and can be found on these five Programs especially selected from the New Dimensions program archive.

Deep Ecology Part 8

Deep Ecology, Part 8: Honoring the Wild
with Gary Snyder

Program 2723
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Snyder offers specific advice on practical ways to improve your personal relationship to wild nature, understand the global situation more fully, and work to improve the ecological health of your own local community. He explores what does “wild nature” really mean? Through your lifestyle, are you honoring it? Destroying it? Learning anything from it? Read more »

Living The Wild Life
with Jane Goodall

Program 2774
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Goodall’s discovery was the beginning of thirty years of patient and intimate primate observation in the wilds of Kenya; years that redefined what it is to be a human being. Like humans, chimpanzees make love and war. Learn about our closest living relatives who share 99% of our genetic heritage and have much to teach us about nurturing and personality. Read more »  

Colin Fletcher

The Journey Of A Lifetime
with Colin Fletcher

Program 2640
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Fletcher, at the age of 67, an expedition, some 1700 miles, down the full length of the Colorado River–alone. He recounts the rapids, the wildlife, the beauty of nature and how being alone in the wilds brought up echoes of his own past. Feel the spray of the water through Fletcher’s thoughtful, eloquent recollections of a journey few of us even dare to dream about.  Read more »

The Philosophy Of WildnessPaul Shepard
with Paul Shepard. Ph.D.

Program 2162
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Shepard intimates that, in contrast to the modern technological world, wildness is part of our heritage. Even though suppressed, its lure is constant. He spent a lifetime exploring the wonders of the wild. He reveals the dangers of domesticating animals. He tells some great stories about bears and encourages us to recognize our kinship with all life on the earth.  Read more »

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