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POSTED November 11, 2023 IN

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Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is the pioneer of the state called “flow” and oftentimes is quoted on the subject. Here are two interviews we’ve conducted with this giant of “flow” as well as others on the subject. Topics covered in these enlivening programs are: How to be more creative in our lives, ways to keep creativity flowing, what are the effects of aging on creativity and how to increase it, and what is the “flow process” as compared to the “thinking process.” These four programs are specially selected from the New Dimensions archive of dialogues with wisdom leaders.

Feeling Alive And “In The Flow”
with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Program 2425
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Csikszentmihalyi says, “You don’t get much out of the passive consumption of pleasure compared to enjoyment which is much more active and creative and self-directive.” He goes further, to explore ethical considerations and the meaning of wisdom. This program may change the way you live your daily life!  Read more »

Creativity Is Within Your Reach
with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Program 2578
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Czikszentmihalyi tells of the results of extensive research on the subject. He shares how outstandingly creative people differ from ordinary people, and how those of us who consider ourselves more ordinary can cultivate the spark of creativity within. He describes how creative expression improves with age and ways to help you express your own creativity. Read more »

Discovering Your Creative Fire
with Eric Maisel, Ph.D.

Program 3531
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As a creativity coach, Dr. Maisel helps us to avoid getting stuck. He has learned to distinguish between every day creativity and the creative identity. When one self-identifies with an art form, it involves a new level of responsibility and commitment. He reminds us that great work takes more than mere interest, it takes love. Read more »

The Character Of Thought: The Choice To Be In Process Or Flow
with Laura Basha, Ph.D.Laura Basha

Program 3541
MP3 Download
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We have all experienced getting caught up in a thought and identifying ourselves by it. Dr. Laura Basha talks about the ability to bring choice into the thought process. She explains the importance of listening for what’s possible rather than trying to figure it out. We also learn about Transformational Humor, the power of silence, and the two modes of thought. Read more »

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