Spotlight: Our Animal Companions

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Humans experience a profound spiritual connection with their animal companions. These special beings not only have healing powers; they often teach us how to be wise. These four programs, especially selected from the New Dimensions program archive, are filled with insights and stories to enhance the connection with our animal friends.

Communication and Healing with Animals
with Linda Tellington-Jones

Program 2319
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Have a favorite animal in your life? Want to relate to animals in a different way? Linda Tellington-Jones opens our eyes to an innovative, effective method of improving our animals’ health and temperament, and of experiencing the deep joy of communicating with another species.  Read more » 

Of Animal Grace And A Spa For A Pig
with Sy Montgomery

Program 3162
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Montgomery is in awe of who animals are and what they have to teach us. She’s lived with domestic and wild animals of all sorts, from chickens and pigs to emus and orangutans and she’s learned that no matter how fierce they may seem, there is little to fear. She shares with us an awareness that the capabilities of animals may far exceed our own. Read more » 

The Minds Of AnimalsTemple Grandin
with Temple Gradin, Ph.D.

Program 3075
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Many of us – philosophers and scientists, not to mention all those tens of millions who have animal companions – have long wondered what goes on in the minds of animals. Temple Grandin, a high-functioning person with autism has spent a lifetime empathizing with animals, working with farmers and large corporations helping them to better understand animals in order to make their care more humane. Read more »

Brenda Peterson

The Soul Of A Dolphin
with Brenda Peterson

Program 3001
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Peterson’s intimate lifelong relationship with dolphins has led her to seek ways for us to engage them without harm and still benefit from their amazing capacity to heal. She inspires us to recognize the true nature of all animals—their intelligence, their emotions, even their souls—and to relate to them as fellow beings. Read more »

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