Spotlight: Practicing Resilience When Life Goes Topsy Turvy

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The practice of resilience is vital to being able to adapt to life’s stresses and adversities. Our ability to bounce back can be learned and developed. You will find that the stories and wisdom of these New Dimensions guests are filled with inspiration and practical illustrations from their own lives. These five Programs were specially selected from the New Dimensions Program Archive.

Facing Fear – Finding Freedom
with Carol Orsborn, Ph.D.

Program 2682
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In midst of writing a book on resilience Orsborn was diagnosed with breast cancer, which gave her the opportunity practice it for real! Now cancer-free, she offers her own experience coupled with the teachings of spiritual masters from both Eastern and Western traditions to help us all rebound gracefully from the setbacks we inevitably encounter. Read more »

Change Is Not the Enemy, Fear Is
with M. J. Ryan

Program 3316
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Change is stressful, often frightening. It’s essential to cultivate healthy ways of dealing with fears that often arise when the status quo dissolves before you. Ryan has developed sound strategies that will help you understand your innate coping mechanisms, and learn to take a more conscious approach to life’s transitions to create the positive outcomes you desire. Read more »  

When Your Heart’s Work Has Broken Your Heart
with Parker Palmer, Ph.D.

Program 3241
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Doing work coming from the heart can be thwarted by the institutions for which we work. They often are driven by factors far removed from true service. We set out to do meaningful work and become broken hearted as we are forced to compromise our ideals again and again. Here is help in transforming our lives, our work, even the institutions within which we serve.  Read more »

Program 3215
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Life can change in a moment. Yanehiro’s perfect life suddenly turned upside down. Faced with the death of her husband, loss of her ideal job, and financial ruin, she found strength and support through turbulent times from a circle of friends. Be inspired by her vibrancy, delight, and her loving invitation to recognize your own strength in keeping your dreams alive. Read more »

The Power In Our StoriesRebecca Solnit
with Rebecca Solnit

Program 3092
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Amazing things happen when we take action. Solnit reminds us that some of the most radical ideals of our predecessors are the norms of mainstream society today-only because they took action even when a positive outcome seemed unlikely. She encourages us to remain hopeful and know that we have powerful impact on how the world will look seven generations from now. Read more »

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