Spotlight: Walking the Edge of the Sword with Two Original and Influential Mystics

POSTED March 4, 2024 IN

These two mystics and revered pioneers in the study of consciousness and nonduality encourage us to walk the edge of the sword in a deep dive into what life is all about and the possibility of personal liberation that is eminently real and attainable. They challenge us with such provocative questions as, “Who are we if we are not our bodies? “What is the difference between the concept of fear and actual fear? And “How the mind can never change the mind.” Here are thoughts from two seminal wisdom leaders specially selected from our archive of programs.

Seeing With One Eye: Western Zen
with Douglas Harding

Program 1924
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Though Harding’s approach may appear simplistic on first hearing, it is utterly profound and challenging to the core. In his mid-seventies at the time of this interview, he speaks with the wisdom of age and the energy of youth. One can almost hear the twinkle in his eye. Read more »

The Joy of Now 
with Douglas Harding

Program 2129
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Going beyond the conceptual mind and all ideas of reality, Harding walks the edge of the sword to take us on the path with no goal. With simplicity and directness he points to how we can live in the moment and experience the fullness of life.  Read more »

Clear View: Vedanta For Westerners
with Jean Klein, M.D.

Program 1974
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Espousing a non-dualistic view of life, Klein speaks of a direct approach instead of a progressive one, beyond the rational mind, but inclusive of it. The possibility of personal liberation or enlightenment is eminently real and attainable, according to Klein, who speaks clearly from his experience.  Read more »

The Sacred Quest: Being Who You Are
with Jean Klein, M.D.

Program 2133
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He speaks of global living as encompassing the totality, a timeless state in which the mind is silent. Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but rather appears when the mind gives up completely. “You are taken to your wholeness,” Klein says. Read more »

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