Spotlight: Friends in the Metacrisis

POSTED January 22, 2024 IN

More than ever now is the time to gather together in the sacred friendship and “Networks of Grace.” As we go through this collective, sacred, global, rite of passage, we must gather with spiritual friends. If you only download one of the four programs that I’ve selected for this week’s special listening, I suggest downloading the Terry Patten program (3741). As he faced his imminent death, we had one last conversation with him. His clarity of vision is unsurpassed. This is a program worth listening to over and over again. Also, I know the program with Lauren Oliver, that aired in November 2023, is also worth listening to again. She gives such sage advice about how to start a circle of your own. And, I’m including a program that features me, Justine Willis Toms, as the guest as I highlight my four keys for thriving in these chaotic times. These are four programs specially selected from our archive. Enjoy.

Spiritual Friends: Help In A Time Of Metacrisis
with Terry Patten

Program 3741
MP3 Download
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Patten (1951-2021) had a deep comprehension of the sacred global rite of passage that we, and all humankind, are going through in these liminal times and shares how we can be of help in an insane world. He gives us a context for spiritual friendship, for turning outward in service, and for doing what we can to brighten everyone we come into contact with. Read more »

The Heart-Centered Empowerment Of Sitting In Circles
with Lauren J. Oliver, Ph.D.

Program 3798
MP3 Download
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Here you’ll learn how to start a circle of your own for honest, safe conversations and cooperation in a divisive world. Hear examples of how to maintain the integrity and mutual support in a circle. Oliver says “You don’t need to go somewhere or pay someone to start your circle. You can do it yourself.” Read more »

Justine Willis Toms

Four Keys For Thriving In Chaotic Times
with Justine Willis Toms, DHL

Program 3522
MP3 Download
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This is an edited talk that Justine Willis Toms gave in the summer of 2014. She includes the four keys to thriving in chaotic times and compares this time to that of a caterpillar inside the cocoon where it liquefies and the imaginal cells begin to coalesce, soon to emerge as a butterfly. She suggests that we are the imaginal cells of the changing of an age. Read more » 

The Intersection Of Life And Art
with Andrew Harvey

Program 3574
MP3 Download
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Andrew Harvey shares his experience of why it takes rigorous discipline to be an artist, why solitude matters, how to cultivate our personal passions, how “networks of grace” can save humanity, and more. He speaks eloquently on how to cultivate sacred friendships and speaks of his “soul brother,” 88-year-old pianist and teacher, Seymour Bernstein, a true wisdom elder. Read more »

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