Spotlight: Creating a Living Democracy

POSTED September 19, 2023 IN

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Here four leaders of social change enlighten us on the roots of America’s democracy. Jean Houston tells how the Iroquois Confederacy informed and inspired the founding fathers of the United States. Thom Hartman reveals the original statutes for corporations and how they acquired their power. William McDonough acquaints us with the need for “anticipatory design” in the way we make things and Frances Moore Lappé reminds us that democracy is a living, dynamic system that we must continually protect.

Jean HoustonA New Planetary Confederacy: The Iroquois Legacy
with Jean Houston

Program 2523
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The Iroquois nation’s peaceful, democratic system of governance informed and inspired the founding fathers of the United States. This dialogue explores the roots of democracy in Iroquois legend, in the original story of Hiawatha and how he helped Deganawidah, the legendary Peacemaker. Read more » 

The Rise Of Corporate Dominance: The Untold Story
with Thom Hartmann

Program 2957
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The writers of the Constitution agreed that it was dangerous to have a corporation so powerful that the government would be captive to it. Is there an emergence of a corporate state? If so, how did this happen? Hartmann tracks the history of the corporations, and how they acquired their power citing examples of abuse and manipulation.  Read more » 

William McDonoughThe Monticello Dialogues, Part 3 – Design As Celebration
with William McDonough

Program 2902
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This deep dialogue gives us much to contemplate regarding an expanded awareness of ecology, intelligence, justice, and celebration. He asks, “What am I trying to accomplish here?”…“Is there another way to do it?…“What would it mean to rise from the ground here in a way that honors all beings in a way that’s a celebration of life.” Read more » 

Frances Moore Lappe

The Art Of Democracy
with Frances Moore Lappé

Program 3248
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Lappé says, “[M]y idea of democracy is that it is a living entity that is never-ending. It is a social analog to ecology. It is all about relationship and differentiation and complexity and beauty. And it is away from thinking about democracy as something that is finished. . . . [We must] move away from democracy as something done for us or to us to democracy of what we create.”  Read more » 

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