Spotlight: Moving Into A Collective New Paradigm

POSTED September 10, 2023 IN

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As we move into a new paradigm of living, I searched the New Dimensions deep archive of timeless wisdom for inspiration and embodied wisdom for moving into a new collective paradigm. I could choose dozens of programs, but I limited it to four programs that I know are helpful to us in these threshold times. These programs include an overview of systems thinking, politics, economics, culture, consciousness, ecology, sustainability, and spirituality, the abuse of power by practicing rankism, and examples of how life gets creative in a time of crisis.

Living Systems
with Fritjof Capra, Ph.D.

Program 2685
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The idea that success in the 21st century will depend on access to information is hype; it’s nonsense.  There is enough information–we have an information overload.  Success and survival in the 21st century will depend on ecological awareness and on new ideas of how to change our technology and ways of doing business.  Our children need to learn values, ideas, knowledge and wisdom–not just how to use computers to access more and more information. Read more »

Robert Fuller

The Ecology Of Power
with Robert Fuller, Ph.D.

Program 2896
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Understanding the nature of power can help us move towards a world of freedom, justice and economic equity for all. In this dialogue, Robert Fuller points to a hidden form of discrimination that everyone knows but no one sees, discrimination based on rank. Read more »

Understanding Everything
with Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D.

Program 3203
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Ervin Laszlo talks about politics, economics, culture, consciousness, ecology, sustainability, and spirituality, all with the deftness of one who understands the unfolding of universes as well as the nature of particulate matter. Read more »

Creating The New Dream And The New Future Of The EarthElisabet Sahtouris
with Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D.

Program 3417
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Biologist Sahtouris is optimistic about the future and points to biology saying, “Life gets creative in a time of crisis.” She explains how the survival of bacteria, which have been on the planet for over four billion years, has given us a model of how we may evolve into a mature species. She’s co-author, with the late Willis Harman, of Biology Revisioned. Read more »

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