Spotlight: Huston Smith & Wayne Dyer: Two Brilliant Visionaries Share Enduring Wisdom

POSTED December 7, 2022 IN

In these four programs, specially selected from the New Dimensions program archive, you will explore two MP3s of the penetrating insights derived from a lifetime study of the world’s religions from the wisdom elder Huston Smith as well as two MP3s with the dynamic “father of motivation”, Wayne Dyer, who died in 2015 at 75. Dyer graced our studios through the years with his uplifting stories of breaking through our personal limitations. These four programs are hosted by Michael Toms.

Huston SmithScientism, Religion and the Way Out (Part 1 of 2)
with Huston Smith, Ph.D.

Program 2858
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Here the World Religions scholar extraordinaire shares how we have become blind to the invisible world of spirituality through our reliance on the scientific method as the sacred cow of our society.  Smith refutes E.O. Wilson’s view that the battle for the human soul in the 21st century is between science and religion. He also speaks on the potential of true religious practice.  Read more »

Huston SmithWisdom, Ethics, and Morality (Part 2 of 2)
with Huston Smith, Ph.D.

Program 2859
MP3 Download
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The quintessential master of “the wisdom traditions” takes us on a scintillating ride through the foundation stones of the world’s spiritual heritage and reminds us wisely of the positive role religion can play in restoring the human spirit in the 21st century. His words quench the thirsty soul and bring hope out of the morass of cultural denial and distraction. Read more » 

Wayne Dyer

How To Create Your Life The Way You Want It
with Wayne Dyer

Program 2622
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“As you think, so shall you be is not just a pithy little homily out of the Bible, it’s the way the universe works,” says Dyer. By re-connecting with your source, you begin co-creating your life and Dyer tells you how to go about it. Let the “father of motivation” fill you with the possibilities.   Read more »

Wayne Dyer

You Can Do Anything
with Wayne Dyer

Program 2814
MP3 Download
Buy here $1.99

Bringing advice from sages through the ages, Dyer urges you to enter the world of spirit “where all of your thoughts break their bonds, your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new and wonderful world.” Listen to how you can become a greater person than you ever dreamed.  Read more »


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