Spotlight: Back To Our Roots

POSTED October 12, 2022 IN
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In these times, with political rhetoric coming at us from all sides, it is important to take a moment and listen to our wise elders. Gary Snyder offers specific advice on practical ways to improve your personal relationship to wild nature. Wendell Berry is a revered poet, philosopher, and farmer whose wisdom is deeply rooted in soil. Physicist Fritjof Capra is a whole systems thinker who talks of the interconnectedness of all life. And Terry Tempest Williams always lifts our hearts as she encourages us to “Stand our ground for the places we love.” Allow yourself to be inspired by the words of these four wisdom masters, found on these four programs especially selected from the New Dimensions program archive.

Deep Ecology for the 21st Century, Part 8: Honoring The Wild
with Gary Snyder

Program 2723
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Buy here $1.99Deep Ecology Part 8

Gary Snyder is a renowned poet, activist, and ecologist. Gary Snyder is a renowned poet, activist, and ecologist. “We have a long and respectable history of being deeply involved and totally at home in the natural world,” says Snyder, “and we can recapture that. We can live it again.”  Read more »

Daily Bread
with Wendell Berry

Program 1929
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This farmer, ecologist, and writer Berry speaks of enduring values, the wholeness of life, and the interdependence of all creatures (including humans). Berry’s self-discipline and ethical sense come through as he leads us from the microcosm of his Kentucky hill farm to the macrocosm of a sane and reasoned planetary vision based on personal integrity, faithfulness, and love. Read more »

Living Systems
with Fritjof Capra, Ph.D.

Program 2685
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At the heart of understanding living systems is the knowledge that everything is interconnected and interrelated. Out of this awareness comes the greatest challenge of our times – creating sustainable communities. Capra describes what he means when he suggests that we must shift from linear thinking to systems thinking.  Read more » 

Terry Tempest Williams

Wild Heart: The Politics Of Place
with Terry Tempest Williams

Program 2460
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Environmental politics becomes a matter of sensual passion rather than political correctness in this rich, colorful mosaic of thoughts on wildness, landscape, animals, and humans. It sparkles with gems of insight mined from Williams’ own profound sense of belonging in nature and includes the voice of the late Edward Abbey, maverick environmentalist and friend of hers.  Read more »

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