Spotlight: Coping With Troubled Times

POSTED November 23, 2022 IN

As we collectively advocate for meaningful, lasting, and systemic change, these four wisdom elders widen and deepen our view of the broken social construct that denies equality for all citizens and explore how we can all be warriors for the human spirit.

 Making Magic In The World
with Maya Angelou

Program 1983
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Weaving a tapestry of her life’s journey, Dr. Maya Angelou takes us on a journey from the Deep South to the heart of Africa and back again. This gifted storyteller poignantly shares the memories of those mentors and teachers who profoundly influenced her life. She speaks of her voluntary muteness as a child. She also shares her insights on courage and compassion. Read more »

Becoming Warriors For The Human SpiritMargaret Wheatley
with Margaret J. Wheatley, Ph.D.

Program 3665
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Every living system goes through a life cycle: birth, creativity, flowering, harvesting, and then death. Wheatley points out that we are at the end of a cycle and she warns us: “It’s important that we understand where we are in the pattern of collapse and not throw up our hands in despair . . .but to understand: Now that this is happening, who do I choose to be?”  Read more »

Robert Fuller

Breaking Ranks: Dignity For All
with Robert Fuller, Ph.D.

Program 2983
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Rank based abuse, or rankism, is as old as time, and takes its toll on everyone, some much more than others. In personal relationships, rankism takes the form of disrespect, disregard, insult and humiliation. When one nation pulls rank on another, demanding subservience or surrender, the result is often war. This is a timely and long suppressed topic that Fuller addresses with deep insight, and in doing so, radically alters our worldview. Read more » 

Arnold and Amy Mindell

Worldwork: Ways To Personal And Global Wholeness
with Amy Mindell, Ph.D. and Arnold Mindell, Ph.D.

Program 2516
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Here is a practical, creative answer to the criticism that psychotherapy focuses too much on individuals’ pasts and problems. The Mindells bring the empathetic techniques of their psychotherapeutic background to volatile sociopolitical issues such as gay rights, racism and sexism, as they work with large, polarized groups toward truth-speaking and mutual understanding.  Read more »

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